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Exhibition: Art for the Brave New World


Consisting of over 1300 pieces of artworks, the government's collection of artworks was originally designed to decorate the offices of the buildings of the government buildings. The paintings in the collection include some quality works by Marij Pregelj, Bine Rogelj, Marko Čelebonović, Zlatko Prica and others, all reknown Slovenian artists of the 20th century.

The fate of the Government Art Collection is long and complicated. Although its beginnings date back to the Provincial Committee of Carniola, the collected art in government offices has never reached status of a collection, until it was put under the management of the National Gallery of Slovenia.

The recently opened exhibit begins with the last phase of the commissions and purchases after the year 1945. The paintings that originate form the confiscated and nationalized property after the World War II will be a subject of a special exhibition.Their provenance and especially their acquisition process needs further in-depth research.

The exhibition "Art for the Brave New World" reveals illustrative vivid image of the new ideology and the cultural policy of the new state. Conservatism and restraint were acquisition's regular features, as it can be seen with the inclusion of the artists that are present in the collection. They were usually people involved in state or federal politics, senior functionaries of profession organizations or professors at art academies.


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