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Over 21,000 to Help Organise EU Election in Slovenia


Most of the regional electoral commissions have followed the DVK's recommendation to join polls in densely populated settlements.

Thus, the overall number of polling stations has been reduced by 256, which is 7.6% less than two years ago, DVK head Dušan Vučko told the press.

The cut down will not only make the organisation of the elections more effective, it will also reduce costs, Vučko added.

On the other hand, the number of polls accessible to the handicapped has increased by 7.7%, which means that almost half of all the polls will be wheelchair-accessible in May.

Some 21,300 people will be recruited to help with the organization of the May election, out of which 19,900 will work on the day as members of electoral committees at the polls.

So far, the DVK received some 170 notices of voters, who will be abroad on election day, which means they will either vote by mail or at the consulates and embassies across the world.

The deadline to apply to vote abroad expires 24 April.


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