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Pahor Meets Hollande and Marzouki at EU-Africa Summit


The summit discusses the future of strategic relations between Africa and the EU and aims to reinforce the political and economic connection between the continents with a special focus on security.

Pahor took the opportunity to meet some of the state leaders including Hollande, with whom he talked about the upcoming EU elections and the economic situation in Slovenia.

Hollande expressed support for Slovenia and stressed the importance of privatisation of Slovenian companies, which also triggered some interest among French enterprises, the Slovenian delegation said.

Addressing Slovenian reporters after the meeting, Pahor said Slovenia was keen to attract French investment.

"I assured him Slovenia was keen to have investment from Western Europe. It's not just the money invested, but also the business culture and other factors that are vital for modernisation of our economy."

The two presidents dedicated special attention to the Ukraine situation for which they assessed that solidarity coming from all EU members is of key importance.

Pahor said that in the case of Ukraine social issues transformed into geo-political problems.

"Protests in Ukraine were sparked by people's discontent with corrupt authorities and inequality. But internal and external political forces used the situation to intervene geo-politically. The crisis has now assumed completely different dimensions," Pahor said.

Pahor and Hollande expressed the concern that the tensions between the EU and Russia over Ukraine could also impact on the Western Balkans, calling for preservation of EU enlargement prospects for the region.

Following a meeting with Hollande, Pahor also talked to Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki to exchange views on the situation in North Africa and in the Middle East.

Marzouki assessed that the process of change would continue in the Arab world over decades and could evolve into a serious regional conflict unless the international community, especially the EU, made a more serious effort.

Pahor highlighted the democratisation process in Tunisia, which he said would facilitate the country's economic recovery, which in turn was also important for Slovenia, also from the aspect of investment.


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