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Pandur Returns to Slovenian Theatre with Royal Saga


"We have decided to look for inspiration in Shakespeare to talk about the world of today and out position in it," Pandur told the press as his latest production was presented to the press in Ljubljana earlier this week.

"Richard III + II", which tells a story about a ruthless rise to power and the subsequent fall and death, will open at the country's leading national theatre house, SNG Drama Ljubljana.

The production, which Pandur says revolves around a new perception of the world, has been adapted by his sister Livia Pandur and Lada Kaštelan based on Matej Bor's translations of Shakespeare.

Featuring SNG Drama best actors with award-winning veteran Radko Polič playing the King, the show has brought together many different artists including acclaimed costume designer Alan Hranitelj, video artist Dorijan Kolundžija, music duo Silence as well as Anže Škrube, a choreographer most known for his hip hop projects.

Tomaž Pandur launched his career in his home town at the SNG Maribor theatre house in the late 1980s. His productions include many great literary works including Shakespeare's "Hamlet", Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy" and Tolstoy's "War and Peace".

He has received one of Slovenia's top national art award (Prešeren Fund Prize) as well as many international awards such as the Golden Wreath for direction at the MESS international theatre festival in Sarajevo and for best foreign production in Mexico.

The play's premiere is being accompanied by a photo exhibition at the Konzorcij book shop in honour of Shakespeare's 450th birthday anniversary.


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