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Maribor Art Gallery to Celebrate 60 Years of Existence



"The exhibition reflects the heterogeneous structure of the collection formed during the decades....throughout various collecting policies," Gnamuš said.

The exhibition, which will be inaugurated by the Culture Minister Uroš Grilc, underscores the works that grew bigger than the Maribor arts sphere, according to Gnamuš.

The display, which will run until 2 November 2014, includes works of Ivan Kos, Maks Kavčič, Slavko Tihec, Rudolf Kotnik, some Maribor-based photographers as well as painter Zmago Jeraj.

The selection focuses on some lesser known works and also features younger artists that belong to UGM's "geographical outskirts" but have not yet been made a part of the collection.

The cohesive thread of the exhibited works is built through several themes entitled "personal", "remote subject","cultural landscapes" and "political".

The exhibition comprising more than 200 art works of 150 artists is installed into micro exhibition spaces, which enables to see the works through different perspectives in different periods.


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