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Public Opinion: PM Will "Defeat" Janković in Inter-Party Dispute


While 59% of the respondents said that Bratušek will remain the PM after the confidence vote, 30% believe that she will be ousted and 11% did not know.

Her decision to seek a vote of confidence in order to stabilise the government is supported by 47% of the people polled, while 36% were against the decision and 17% were undecided.

While Bratušek does not enjoy a majority support for the PS congress (41%), she is still ahead of the PS founder Janković (38%). As many as 90% of the polled supporters of the PS believe that Bratušek will win the congress.

Almost half of the respondents (46%) think that the Alenka Bratušek cabinet should stay on until the end of the term in the autumn of 2015, while 35% of those questioned would like to see a snap election called.

The poll also touched on the annulment of the controversial real estate tax by the Constitutional Court, with a majority (65%) of the respondents saying that the government will not be able to compensate for the loss of EUR 200m in expected revenue.

The survey was carried out by the paper's in-house pollster Delo Stik on 7 and 8 April among 406 adults.


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