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Janković Pushing Ruling Positive Slovenia to Political Suicide



Janković, who withdrew as PS president in the face of corruption accusations in early 2013 to allow the PS to form a new government, said the "government has the chance to complete its term" which is why his "decision is final".

The PS founder, who is the subject of several criminal investigations involving abuse of office and corruption, said he had never interfered in the work of the government and was also not active on the ground with PS members "because the party cannot have a double leadership".

This will not change now, although he will send a letter to PS members in order to explain "where the difference lie and what my wish is".

"I want the best for the country, but this requires the implementation of the programme that the PS adopted at its last congress".

Janković "froze" at the congress last January his PS presidency after the anti-corruption commission established he could not account for around EUR 2m in assets, since other parties made his withdrawal a condition for forming a new PS-led government.

Commenting on the coalition parties' warnings that Janković's return could mean the end of the government, he spoke of "all kinds of speculators" who are interfering with the PS too much.

Janković already wanted to stand at the PS election congress initially expected in October last year but was vague about his plans lately. He said today he would not take responsibility for any instability, saying that the threats were only about trying to influence PS members.

Bratušek confirmed today she would accept the challenge and run for re-election, while she indicated she would postpone a recently announced vote of confidence with which she wants the test support in the National Assembly.

"I find it hard to imagine leading a government if my own party does not support me in this," she told the press, suggesting there would be no vote in parliament if Janković replaces her as PS president.

While Bratušek was still saying last July that would not enter an election congress battle with Janković, she said today that this government had done a good job and that giving up that easily would be irresponsible.

Meanwhile, a government collapse in the event of Janković's victory does not seem entirely certain, as fellow coalition parties have toned down their views somewhat, hinting at other options as well.

SocDems head Igor Lukšič said that what mattered for the government was that Bratušek had the support of 46 members in the National Assembly.

Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) Karl Erjavec has said the PM could defect from the PS with her group of deputies, while he expressed concern over the situation again today.

He expects that Janković will win the vote and that Bratušek will not consent to being his puppet, which is why he fears Slovenia is entering a phase of political uncertainty.

Citizens' List (DL) head Gregor Virant would not comment on the situation today.


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