The Slovenia Times

Media: Janković Does Not Understand State Politics


It seems that the Positive Slovenia (PS) deputy group will break in half even before Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek is to announce her resignation, the paper writes.

The PS will break into two small groups that will have to fight for their space in the crowd of old and new left-leaning and liberal parties.

However, from a broader perspective, the fate of a single party, despite it being the biggest in parliament, is not important.

"The key question is who will rule Slovenia in the coming months and whether the inevitable political paralysis can throw the country back among the most severe European patients," Delo continues under "Ahead of New Election".

Bratušek has the responsibility to resign as soon as possible, Janković not to stall with unrealistic proposals of a new interim prime minister, opposition leader Janez Janša not to delay the procedures and the small parties not to play games out of fear of bad election results.

The ease with which the PS has disintegrated shows that Slovenia's political crisis of more than five years is a consequence of irresponsible politicians who are not ready to govern the state, Delo concludes.


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