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16 Lists in Slovenia Vying for European Parliament Seats



Top candidate: Jelko Kacin (58), MEP since 2004, former Minister of Information, former Defence Minister, head of the Liberal Democrats. (LDS)

Other candidates: UK Trade Investment associate Polona Sagadin, head of the international non-profit organisation ITF Enhancing Human Security Dorijan Maršič, the head of the charity UP Jesenice Faila Pašić Bišić, head of Kacin's Brussels office Andrej Lavtar, gay rights activist Tatjana Greif, student Jure Pucko and the head of Akson 2020 institute, Sara Karba.

Proponents of the list: Kacin is entering the Euro vote with an independent list that has not obtained support from his political party, the Liberal Democrats (LDS), once the strongest political force in the country, today a non-parliamentary group. The number one proponent of the list is acclaimed basketball coach Zmago Sagadin. Kacin decided to present his own list for the Euro vote after talks with other liberal parties on a joint effort fell through. He is allied with ALDE.


Top Candidate: Senko Pličanič (51), incumbent Minister of Justice.

Other candidates: MP Polonca Komar, MP Marko Pavlišič, Vesna Alaber, adviser to Interior Minister Gregor Virant, fireman Milan Dubravac, volunteer and activist Emina Hadžić, entrepreneur Monika Bračika and law student Miha Istenič.

Proponents of the list: The coalition Citizen's List (DL) was established in October 2011, ahead of the parliamentary election in November in which it won eight seats. The party is a member of ALDE and decided to present an independent list after failing to find an agreement with other Slovenian ALDE members.


Top candidate: Violeta Tomič (51), theatre actor, vice president of the Democratic Labour Party (DSD).

Other candidates: professor and head of the Party of Sustainable Development (TRS) Dušan Plut, and Luka Mesec of the Initiative for Democratic Socialism (IDS)

Proponent of the list: The United Left brings together the Democratic Labour Party (DSD), Party of Sustainable Development (TRS), and the Initiative for Democratic Socialism (IDS). The three also held talks with Solidarity, which eventually decided to enter the May election on its own.


Top candidate: Zmago Jelinčič (66), head of the Slovenian National Party (SNS), five-term MP.

Other candidates: psychiatrist Sergej Čas, secretary Helena Rupar, nurse Alenka Jelenovič, pensioner Jos Zalokar, manager Katarina Langus Šeligo, manager Jelena Miljković and advisor Folko Puconja.

Proponent of the list: The Slovenian National Party (SNS) was a parliamentary party between 1992 and 2011. Jelinčič has been the party's only president since its establishment. The party contested both the 2004 and 2009 Euro elections, but failed to win seats.


Top candidate: Igor Šoltes (born in 1964), former Court of Audit president, first Slovenian Public Information Commissioner.

Other candidates: Marketing experts Katarina Košak, economist Boštjan Horvat, translator Mojca Blas, Faculty of Chemistry teacher Iztok Prislan, criminal justice graduate Monja Režonja, lawyer Gregor Veličkov and entrepreneur Diana Ternav.

Proponents of the list: Following several announcements about entering politics, former head of the Court of Audit Šoltes joined the Euro vote race and announced taking part in the fall local elections. He established the I Believe association only recently.


Top candidate: Lojze Peterle (65), serving his second term as MEP, Slovenia's first Prime Minister, leader of the NSi's predecessor, the Christian Democrats, former Foreign Minister.

Other candidates: NSi head Ljudmila Novak and SLS head Franc Bogovič, NSi's vice president Aleš Hojs, SLS MP Jakob Presečnik, head of Slovenia's Food Safety Agency Vida Čadonič Špelič and former Economy Ministry State Secretary Monika Kirbiš Rojs, as well as 2013 Wine Queen Nežika Pavlič.

Proponents of the list: Right-leaning People's Party (SLS) and New Slovenia (NSi) are opposition parties, holding six and four MP seats respectively. They joined forces for the May election, topping the list with veteran MEP Peterle, who currently represents NSi in the European parliament. The SLS has not managed to get into the European Parliament so far. Both parties are members of the European People's Party.


Top candidate: Igor Lukšič (52), head of left-leaning Social Democrats (SD) since June 2012, former Minister of Education and Sports.

Other candidates: MEP Tanja Fajon, MEP Mojca Kleva Kekuš, professor Anton Bebler, entrepreneur Marinka Vovk, MP Matevž Frangež and former Transport Minister Patrick Vlačič.

Proponents of the list: The coalition SD is the third-largest parliamentary party in Slovenia with ten MPs. Currently, two SD members are MEPs - Tanja Fajon and Mojca Kleva Kekuš. Its former MEP Zoran Thaler was involved in the cash-for-laws scandal uncovered by the Sunday Times in 2011 and pleaded guilty of accepting a bribe in February 2014. The party joined the European Socialists (PES). The May election will be the third Euro election for SD.


Top candidate: Milan Zver (51), incumbent MEP, former Minister of Education, presidential candidate in 2012.

Other candidates: MP Romana Tomc, former MP Patricija Šulin, former head of the government Communications Office Anže Logar, lawyer Damijan Terpin, Carmen Merčnik of the SDS's youth wing, former supervisor of the HSE energy holding Vlasta Krmelj and MP Andrej Šircelj.

Proponents of the list: The Democratic Party (SDS) is the leading opposition party with 26 MPs and was in government in 2004 to 2008 and in 2012. The party won the 2009 Euro vote securing three MEP seats. Apart from Milan Zver, Zofija Mazej Kukovič and Romana Jordan are incumbent MEPs, but they will not run in the May election. SDS is a member of the European People's Party (EPP).


Top candidate: Bogomil Knavs (41), jurist and farmer.

Other candidates: Economist Janica Millonig, theologist Dušan Egidij Kubot - TotiSlo, food technician Ivica Krajnc, administrative sciences graduate Miha Majc and microbiologist Simona Drev.

Proponents of the list: The 2002-established non-parliamentary Party of the Slovenian Nation (SSN) has taken part in several elections in the past but failed to get its candidates elected. The SSN slate also includes representatives of the civil group, the People's Social Option (SOL).


Top candidate: Rolando Benjamin Vaz Ferreira (27), translator and software programmer.

Other candidates: there are no other candidates on the list.

Proponents of the list: The Slovenian Pirate Party was formed in 2012 in a revolt against the attempts to implement stricter surveillance and regulation of the internet. The 'Pirates' already have two representatives sitting in the European Parliament, as the first Pirate Party was established in 2006 in Sweden.


Top candidate: Dušan Keber (66), MD, author and university professor, former Health Minister.

Other candidates: Political sciences professor Marjutka Hafner, sociologist Damjan Mandelc, communication sciences professor Nataša Osolnik, sociologist and geographer Tjaša Učakar, historian Jože Pirjevec, economist Manca Uršič Rosas and writer Lenart Zajc.

Proponents of the list: Solidarity is a non-parliamentary party established in December by three groups involved in the 2012 anti-establishment protests. The party is headed by Marina Tavčar Krajnc, Uroš Lubej and Damjan Mandelc. The May election will be Solidarity's first election.


Top candidate: Vlado Čuš (57), phys-ed professor, head of the Greens of Slovenia Party.

Other candidates: Economist Barbara Cenčič Krajnc, entrepreneur Martin Gorjanc, entrepreneur Nives Grlj, architect Marko Mitja Feguš, beautician Tamara Galun, former athlete Franc Branko Vivod and metallurgist Andreja Galinec.

Proponents of the list: Non-parliamentary party Greens of Slovenia was formed in 1989. It secured itself a place in the parliament in the first free election in 1990, but fell out of parliament in 1996. The Greens of Slovenia entered the Euro vote in 2004 and 2009, but did not win any seats.


Top candidate: Ivo Vajgl (71), incumbent MEP, former Foreign Minister.

Other candidates: City councillor in Domžale Marija Pukl, entrepreneur Izidor Salobir, retired teacher Ingeborg Ivanek, DeSUS head for Primorsko Bojan Bratina, MP Jana Jenko, retired school headmaster Anton Dragan and MP Marjana Kotnik Poropat.

Proponents of the list: the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) won 5 MP seats in the last general election and holds two ministerial positions. Currently, no MEP comes from this party. Leading candidate Vajgl was previously elected MEP as member of the non-parliamentary Zares party and is currently a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE) in the European Parliament. DeSUS has not yet decided which Euro parliamentary group it would join.


Top candidate: Uroš Uršič, architect, was drawn from a list of applicants in the "Dream job" online campaign.

Other candidates: Student David Breskvar, logistics expert Barbara Ložar, hospitality entrepreneur Boštjan Novak, mediator Ksenija Korenjak Kramar, land surveyor Andreja Korade and economist Marko Korenjak.

Proponents of the list: The Dream Job list is a "socio-political experiment", where candidates were randomly chosen among candidates who applied via Facebook. After announcing the candidates, the initiative collected more than 3,000 signatures of support. The Dream Job initiative aims to test indirect democracy via web platforms with a unique election campaign.


Top candidate: Jože Mencinger (73), former chancellor of University of Ljubljana, former Economy Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in the first government in independent Slovenia.

Other candidates: MP Melita Župevc, Valerija Medic of the PS' youth wing, MP Jerko Čehovin, former MP Mirjam Bon Klajnšček, head of the Ljubljana Association of Pensioners Marjan Sedmak, former athlete Britta Bilač and MP Peter Vilfan.

Proponents of the list: Positive Slovenia (PS), currently a ruling party, was established by Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković ahead of the 2011 parliamentary elections. After being re-elected head of the party last week and taking over from PM Alenka Bratušek, the party alliance with EU parliamentary groups might shift from ALDE to PES.


Top candidate: Darja Radić (48), former Economy Minister.

Other candidates: Zares' vice-president Andrej Rus, English professor Ivana Gornik, former MP Vito Rožej, economist Simona Potočnik, Matic Smrekar of Zares' youth wing, Zares vice-president Cvetka Ribarič Lasnik and party head Pavel Gantar.

Proponents of the list: Non-parliamentary Zares was a partner in the Borut Pahor government (2008-2011) but did have any MPs elected in the 2011 election. Their former member Ivo Vajgl was elected with their support in the 2009 Euro vote, but will run on the DeSUS list. The party is a member of ALDE.


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