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President; Govt Holds the Key for the End of Political Crisis


This is the reason why citizens can expect the government to promptly decide whether it can successfully continue its work or quit, Pahor said as he attended a local event in the town of Bovec on Thursday.

It makes sense to stay in power only if the government and the necessary majority in parliament are able to adopt measures necessary to improve the economic and social situation in the country, said Pahor.

Given the situation, it would be best to call an early election, said Pahor, who considers it his utmost responsibility to do all in his power for an early election to be called as soon as possible.

He admitted though that an early election would deprive the government of its full powers. However, this would do less harm than prolonging the current uncertainty and the limited possibilities for the necessary reforms.

The president also touched on ever deeper social differences and social inequality in Slovenia, but said he felt that conditions are being finally created to get out of the economic crisis.

As for Slovenia's 10 years in the EU, he said the expectations had probably not been fully met, but nevertheless urged citizens not to see the EU as part of the problems but rather as part of a solution.

"Without the European idea, which is based on reconciliation and the search for what unites European nations, there would be no peace, and when there is no peace there can be no prosperity."

Pahor attended the launch of new infrastructure at a small local airport in Bovec in the north-west of the country, which is important for local tourism.


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