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Europe Week to Be Celebrated Across Slovenia


A state ceremony marking Slovenia's 10th anniversary of EU membership will be held at the Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies (KSEVT) in the village of Vitanje near Celje.

Events across Slovenia leading up to 9 May, when a ceremonial session of the parliamentary Committee for European Affairs will also be held, will promote active participation, mobility, studies, practices and jobs in the EU.

Ljubljana's EU House will kick off the week with a debate on the opportunities for the young in the EU. Workshops and lectures on various EU topics, including programmes that offer mobility to the young, such as Erasmus, will be held there throughout the week.

On Friday, the EU House will also broadcast the EYE European conference for the young, dubbed Ideas for a Better Europe, from Strasbourg. Thousands of young Europeans as well as representatives of EU institutions will discuss ways the EU could better address their issues.

What is more, passers-by will be able to test their knowledge about the bloc and take a book from the European library under treetops in front of the EU House.

Europe Direct information offices will provide information about the EU across the country. They are also preparing a quiz and a promo film about the ten years of Slovenia's membership in the bloc.


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