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Prime Minister Bratušek Officially Resigns


"If everybody really thinks what they are saying, then we are going to elections before the summer. Citizens will tell who should be running the government, which is the only right thing," Bratušek said on her Facebook profile.

The PM announced her resignation after meeting the heads of coalition parties on Saturday. The meetings discussed the future of the coalition and government after Bratušek lost the presidency of the ruling Positive Slovenia (PS) to Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković on 25 April.

Announcing the resignation, Bratušek said that the coalition party leaders agreed it was best for Slovenia to hold an early election before the summer.

While all stakeholders have agreed not to propose a new prime minister-designate to parliament too speed up elections, it is not possible to determine with certainty when a snap poll could be held exactly.

The National Assembly is expected to take notice of Bratušek's resignation as early as this week.


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