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President Indicates Snap Election Possible in July


He indicated July as a possibility but added that there were still "a few objective unknowns".

"It is possible to conclude that the very likely early election is not possible in June when considering constitutional deadlines, but is more likely and possible in July," Pahor said after the meeting with eleven jurists. He however added that some remaining "unknowns" precluded a more exact announcement.

Trying to find a way out of a situation in which constitutional deadlines seem to frame the possible date of the election within the period of the summer holidays when it is at the same time constitutionally questionable, Pahor said he would "neither rush nor delay" matters.

He stressed the entire procedure must be understandable and evoke trust, while it needs to be made sure at the same time that the interests of the country and citizens suffer as little as possible.

Much of the debate revolved around whether Pahor can shorten the 30-day window given to him by the Constitution for proposing a PM-designate after the collapse of the government. The clock will start to tick after parliament formally takes note of PM Alenka BratuĊĦek's resignation on Thursday.

There was said to be agreement that this is possible if he can find a convincing justification, which would notably be the case if MPs - individual deputy groups or any 10 MPs together - fail to make use of their 14-day deadline for putting forward a candidate.

Legal expert Rajko Pirnat said after the meeting that the rushing with the early election needs to end, since it will be very hard to hold it before the second half of July.

Jurij Toplak said that the date will depend above all on whether a candidate for PM-designate will be put forward in parliament. The deadlines in the Constitution are clear; elections are held 40 to 60 days after the parliament is dissolved.

"The Constitution and the deadlines that are in the Constitution are above things like the weather or holidays," he said after the Constitutional Court recently did not allow a referendum to be called for 4 May, a Sunday following the Labour Day holidays.

While having the election campaign before the start of the summer holidays and the election just as they start was described as reasonable by some experts, there was also talk before the meeting of "putting the deadlines on hold" during the holidays.

Pahor, who is expected to hold talks with deputy groups tomorrow, thanked the experts for their advice, adding it was agreed that additional meetings will take place if more questions arise that need clarification.


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