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PM to Inform MPs of Resignation



The parliament session will mark the start of a 30-day period in which President Borut Pahor can put forward a candidate for a new PM-designate.

This is not likely, since there is uniform agreement among parties on the need to hold an early election.

Meanwhile, the announcement that the government will define a list of priority tasks it can perform under a caretaker mandate was made in Tuesday in Brussels by Finance Minister Uroš Čufer.

The Constitution fails to define the scope of caretaker duties in detail and the interpretation of the term has been largely the result of past practices, which have however also been the subject of dispute.

It is believed that an outgoing cabinet should refrain from new legislative projects or the introduction of new policies.

The government's legal service has announced it would also issue its opinion on individuals cases as they come along.

One of the examples already raised are the ongoing talks with trade unions on saving measures in the coming year.

The government argues that its guidelines for the talks were already adopted on 24 April, which is why the talks definitely fall in the caretaker category.


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