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Snap Election Possible in July, Also August



However, Solidarity, one of the newly established parties, tweeted today that it might challenge the date of the election at the Constitutional Court if the vote is called for July.

Solidarity president Uroš Lubej pointed to travel agencies' surveys indicating that 35% of Slovenians are on summer vacation in July, most of them abroad. He blames outgoing Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek for causing a constitutional conundrum.

Meanwhile, Pahor's office pointed out in a press release that law experts expressed last week the view that a vote in August would not be acceptable. Pahor said in the press release that there are no good options, only bad and less bad options.

The National Assembly took note of Bratušek's resignation on 8 May. After this, the president has 30 days to propose a PM-designate.

Although Pahor has said a number of times that he wants a vote as soon as possible and that he would not propose a PM-designate, he is yet to inform the National Assembly of his decision.

After the president informs the parliament of his decision, the MPs have 14 days to decide whether they want to propose a PM-designate. So far, all MP groups have said they would not propose a name. The vote must then be held in 40-60 days.

The press release from Pahor comes after he started a two-day round of meetings with parliamentary groups.

He met today representatives of the former ruling party Positive Slovenia (PS), a group of MPs that left the PS to follow Bratušek, the Democrats (SDS), who are the biggest opposition party, and the coalition Social Democrats (SD).

All the parties said that they would not propose a PM-designate. The SDS however does not want to speed up the election proceedings, the deputy group's head Jože Tanko said.

Jani Möderndorfer, the head of a new deputy faction that left the PS, said the group would like to see the vote at the earliest date possible, which could be 13 July. The PS and the SD groups meanwhile said they would agree with any date.


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