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FinMin Says Snap Poll No Threat to Privatisation


The minister also touched on the sovereign holding bill. He is not completely happy with the document, but "it is not a complete disaster".

The bill will have to be made more operational and a complete classification of state-owned companies is needed. The ministry is now waiting to see whether a political consensus can be reached on the bill before an early election.

The minister moreover underlined that the ongoing sales of state-owned companies were not in danger, saying that the holding had the needed authority to sell the 15 companies slated for privatisation on its own.

The outgoing minister said however that an early election is not a good thing when a country is working toward fiscal consolidation. He believes it is "good to hold the election as soon as possible and allow a new government to continue the course".

ÄŒufer believes Slovenia has so far failed to introduce sufficient measures to reduce public spending. His successor will have to take on the introduction of public sector cuts, he said.


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