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July 13th Emerging as Most Likely Date of Election


Representatives of the Citizens' List (DL), Pensioners' Party (DeSUS), People's Party (SLS) and New Slovenia (NSi) suggested today they were willing to accept the earliest possible date as the best solution since none want to drag out proceedings by nominating a new PM-designate in the current parliament.

While DL deputy group leader Rihard Braniselj said the absolutely earliest possible voting day, the Sunday of 13 July, would be the best solution, the other parties which consulted Pahor today are open to any date in July.

The majority of the remaining parliamentary parties, which Pahor consulted yesterday, are also in favour, except for the opposition Democrats (SDS), which do not want to speed up the election proceedings.

Elections could be held on 13 July only if statutory proceedings are shortened, which may prove problematic since several constitutional law experts have indicated such a move could be unconstitutional.

Moreover, the non-parliamentary Solidarity party has said it would challenge any July date, since statistics show July is the most popular holiday month for Slovenians.

If all proceedings are followed according to the letter of the law, the election would be held in August. However, the established parties note that the entire campaign would be held during the holiday season, which they find problematic.

President Pahor will have the final say, for it is up to him whether he will use the entire 30-day window he has for consultations on a PM-designate. It is also up to him to set the exact election date within a 20-day window permitted by law.


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