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Slovenia and Styria Form Joint Committee to Boost Cooperation


The pair stressed that despite the close relations there was possibility for enhancing cooperation in various areas.

"The joint committee gives us new opportunities and possibilities for cooperation," Erjavec stressed. He moreover noted that Austria was a very important partner, "not only economic but also political within the EU". "Austria is the biggest investor in Slovenia and half of the investment comes from Styria."

"Cooperation can be enhanced even after all the good ties and joint projects we have developed over the past decades," Voves meanwhile stressed in Graz, where the meeting took place.

The committee will meet once a year and more often if needed with the next session planned to take place in Slovenia. Erjavec and Voves expressed hope that the committee would be able to present concrete results when it meets next time.

Today's meeting focused on economy, tourism, culture, education, public administration and disaster protection. In the latter area, the two sides are to boost information exchange, perform joint exercises and take part in EU projects. "It is all about saving lives, making it essential that services be harmonized," Erjavec stressed.

Among other things, the committee is to focus in enhancing cooperation in spa tourism, hiking and biking, as well as boosting cooperation between cultural institutions and schools from both sides of the border.

After the meeting Voves and Erjavec took part in a ceremony to mark the tenth anniversary of Slovenia's accession to the EU.


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