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Slovenia, Carinthia Highlight Good Cooperation


Bratušek noted that her visit in the Austrian province proved Slovenia's appreciation of good relation with Austria as well as Carinthia.

Having good ties with Carinthia is not only important because of the Slovenian minority living in the province but also because of good cooperation in other areas, Bratušek said.

She also expressed certainty that her successor will also work for positive tackling of open issues: "There must be and will be no obstacles in this respect in the future."

Kaiser also expressed satisfaction over positive relations with Slovenia, noting that they followed the motto "from neighbours to friends".

The pair discussed former as well as future projects. Among other, Kaiser said that they would work for strengthening cross-border projects and those involving other countries as well as provinces in the region.

Bratušek moreover thanked Austria and Carinthia for the relief after the February ice storm, noting it was important that neighbouring countries helped each other in times of need.

Bratušek also met representatives of the Slovenian minority as well as municipalities of Eisenkappel and Slovenia's Jezersko, Preddvor and Solčava as she paid a visit to the region.


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