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PM Bratušek to Form New Party on 31 May


Asked by a Facabook user about the name of the party, Bratušek said: "The alliance of Alenka Bratušek will unite all who believe that Slovenia can be economically successful and still a welfare state."

The outgoing prime minister, who stepped down after losing the vote for leadership of the ruling Positive Slovenia against Zoran Janković on 25 April, said she was still collecting signatures in support of the new party.

Under Slovenian law, 200 signatures are required, whereas her team have managed to collect 187, she also wrote.

Bratušek intends to take the new party to the upcoming early election, which could he held in July.

She said she was in favour of cooperating with other parties and would not mind a common appearance at elections, saying "working together was a way to success".

Indeed, two new left-leaning parties are expected to be formed after the 25 May Eurovote, one by respected jurist Miro Cerar and another by ex-president of the Court of Audit Igor Šoltes.

Meanwhile, Bratušek has been rumoured to be interested in becoming Slovenia's new European commissioner.

Asked by an opposition MP in parliament whether she intended to become the new commissioner, Bratušek avoided a direct answer on Monday, saying for the time being she was still prime minister.


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