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Polls Open for Third Eurovote in Slovenia


The polling stations for Slovenia's Eurovote will be open until 7 PM, when the results of exit polls will be released by broadcasters RTV Slovenija and POP TV.

Over 1.7 million Slovenian voters will be choosing among 16 slates with a total of 181 candidates, of which six are running for re-election.

Slovenians abroad can meanwhile vote at one of the country's 34 missions abroad between 9 AM to 5 PM.

Voters can select only one slate, but unlike in the general election, they can also cast a preferential vote for their favoured candidate on the slate.

This means that the final order of MEPs from the slates will depend on the position of the candidate on the list as well as the preferential votes.

The first unofficial results from Slovenia's National Electoral Commission (DVK) will be issued at 11 PM, when the last polls close in the EU.

Soon after 11 PM, the European Parliament will release first EU-wide results translated into seats in the parliament.

This will show how many seats individual political groupings have managed to win.

On Monday, the DVK will add to the early unofficial results the ballots sent in by mail from around Slovenia.

The ballots from abroad are expected to be added on 2 June.

While the DVK has until 13 June to release the official election results, it has recently said it would do its best to do so by 6 June.

Journalists covering the elections in Slovenia will be able use a press centre at the Ljubljana fairgrounds Gospodarsko razstavišče.

The press centre will open at noon and close an hour after midnight.

Around 175 journalists from Slovenia and abroad have been accredited for the Eurovote, according to the Slovenian Government Communication Office.

Representatives of some of the parties vying for seats in the European Parliament will be awaiting election results at the press centre, while especially the winning parties are expected there after the unofficial results are announced at 11 PM.


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