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Slovenia Sees Record Low EU Election Turnout


The turnout data from the National Electoral Commission following the count of nearly all the votes sees 24.08% of the registered voters casting their ballots.

This is around a sixth less than the 28.4% turnout registered in the previous two eurovotes in 2004 and 2009.

The first indications of a low turnout were seen earlier in the day, as interim turnout figures showed that the share of voters casting their ballots was nearly a fifth below that from five years ago.

Elections to the European Parliament traditionally draw a smaller turnout than national elections in Slovenia and the 2004 vote held the previous mark for the lowest election turnout in the country with 28.35%.

For a comparison, the 2012 run-off for president saw 42% of voters turn out and the 2011 general elections 65%.

General elections usually draw the highest turnout, although the share of voters casting their ballots has dropped off from the 85.6% seen in the 1992 general election, held a year after independence.


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