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Value Added in 2013 Highest in Five Years


Nearly 76% of the companies reported an increase in added value, which totalled EUR 16.82bn last year. On the other hand, just over 19% of the companies reporting to AJPES showed a loss of value amounting to a total of EUR 203.52m

Data from AJPES shows how value added increased over the past five years. Net value added per employee was at EUR 34,168 in 2009, it increased to EUR 36,044 the year after, climbed to EUR 37,512 in 2011 and reached EUR 38,006 in 2012.

Nearly half of the value added reported to AJPES was generated by large companies. These also reported the highest net value per employee (EUR 49,078).

Micro companies reported EUR 28,411 in value added per employee, accounting for 20.5% of value added generated last year.

Small company employees created EUR 35,811 in added value, while employees at medium-sized companies generated EUR 35,983 in value added on average.

Slovenian companies also increased their return on capital in 2013. For every EUR 100 of capital companies created EUR 44.8 in added value last year, which was 90 cents more than the year before. Nonetheless the figure was the lowest recorded in the past five years.

Revenue per employee was however the highest since 2009, reaching EUR 181,249, an increase over 149,704 in 2009.

Net profit per employee, on the other hand, nearly halved year-on-year in 2013, dropping to EUR 397.

Net profit per employee has fluctuated over the years. It was at EUR 1,145 in 2009 and plummeted to EUR 554 in net loss per employee, only to climb back to EUR 1,018 in 2011.


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