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This Saturday, the first ARTish market this year will take place in Ljubljana's historic city centre. Artists from all over the country come together to present their hand-made goods on Gornji trg. What started out in 2011 as a four-day fair evolved into a monthly market, giving the people who are dealing with art on the daily an appropriate stage.

The makers of ARTish do not aim only at providing a decent market (what they do nevertheless) but to bring the visitors in close contact with the artists, to exchange ideas and opinions and raise awareness for hand-made products. To get even deeper into the world of hand-crafted goods, the market is accompanied by workshops with known Slovene artists.

From paintings to books and from clothing to various accesoires, the market basically offers everything you could wish for. In a time of mass production and globalization, buying hand-made goods is nothing normal anymore. The ARTish market is therefore a good possibility to change that up a bit!

ARTish market, 31.5.2014, from 9 am to 7 pm, Gornji trg, Ljubljana


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