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Centre-Left Politicians Starting to Talk Cooperation


Outgoing Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek already held talks with several centre-left politicians, according to media reports, following her pledge that she would strive for cooperation among parties and groups with similar views.

The meeting did not produce any concrete decisions, according to former Court of Audit president Igor Šoltes, the head of I Believe and new MEP.

On the other hand, Miro Cerar, a jurist who will establish his own party on Monday, two days after Bratušek will set up her party, is likely to attract centre-left parties and politicians who are critical of the PM's policies.

Meanwhile, the interim president of the Social Democrats (SD), Dejan Židan, announced immediately after taking over on Wednesday that he would seek cooperation with like-minded parties.

Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) president Karl Erjavec told the press today that his party was open to working with the SD and that the parties might come up with a prime minister candidate together ahead of the election.

The parties however do not intend to run with a single slate in the election, Erjavec told the press on Thursday. He added that he had been waiting for "a change in the SD"; the policy of former head Igor Lukšič, who resigned earlier this week, was too radical for DeSUS.


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