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Troops Deployed to Bosnia to Help in Flood Relief Efforts


The government decided that a motorized unit, which is a part of the EUFOR's regional reserve forces, be integrated into EUFOR forces' flood relief efforts in Bosnia. The unit will remain in Bosnia until 20 June at the latest, according to the government office.

The troops are expected to take part in an international EUFOR mission, which will be divided into two parts - initially they will take undergo international military training, after which they will be included in flood relief activities, the Defence Ministry said.

The Defence Ministry expects that the soldiers would be able to return to Slovenia by 14 June.

Slovenian Army members will help locals and civil authorities by distributing flood relief aid, setting up temporary accommodation, cleaning up damage, checking telecommunication networks as well as trying to clear potential explosive devices unearthed by the floods.

The contingent will also include medical staff and experts in explosives disposal, the Defence Ministry added.

So far, some 650 tonnes of humanitarian aid has already been sent from Slovenia to the affected areas in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, the Slovenian Red Cross said on Friday.


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