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Parliament Expected to Open Door to Early Election


The final deadline will expire at noon for MPs to come up with a name and decide whether to launch one more round of talks on a potential PM-designate. The candidate can be nominated by a deputy group or a group of at least ten MPs.

Given that only two MPs were willing to endorse a potential candidate for PM-designate put forward in the second stage of the process by unaffiliated MP Ivan Vogrin, it is unlikely that a new candidate will be proposed.

If a PM-designate is nominated after all, parliament will take a vote on the candidate within 48 hours at the earliest and within a week at the latest.

The vote would be public and the nominee could be appointed PM with a simple majority.

However, under the more likely scenario, the National Assembly would take note that there is no nominee and President Pahor would dissolve parliament and call an early election. The earliest date is 13 July but it would probably face a constitutional challenge.

Slovenia is looking for a new government after Prime Minister BratuĊĦek resigned on 8 May, following her defeat in the presidency vote in Positive Slovenia (PS) that led to a split in the formerly biggest parliamentary party.


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