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Slovenia to Present Its Case at Border Arbitration Hearing


After Croatia presented its case on Monday and Tuesday, Slovenia's agent Simona Drenik said that her team is optimistic, adding that Croatia's presentation went as expected. She did not reveal any details, as the hearing is held in confidence.

The schedule of Croatia presenting its case on Monday and Tuesday, with a day off on Wednesday, and Slovenia presenting its arguments on Thursday and Friday, will probably be repeated next week.

The arbitration tribunal, made up of president Gilbert Guillaume and members Vaughan Lowe, Bruno Simma, Jernej Sekolec and Budislav Vukas, announced it will present to the press a summary of the hearing after the end of the hearing on 13 June.

The hearings in the Hague come after the two countries signed an arbitration agreement in November 2009 following years of failed attempts to resolve the border dispute. The agreement entered into force in the summer of 2010, after being narrowly endorsed at a referendum in Slovenia.

A legally binding decision is expected within a year.


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