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Weakened Slovenia Trumped by Argentina



In the Slovenian camp keeper Samih Handanović was sidelined by food poisoning and four other players reported health problems.

Argentina had the clear upper hand throughout the game and Ricardo Alvarez opened the scoring in the 12th minute.

Barcelona star Lionel Messi, who joined his team in the second half, set the final score in the 75th minute.

Slovenian coach Srečko Katanec was nevertheless pleased with the game, noting that his team improved after Messi joined in, and with the entire South American tour.

"I think the tour was successful. I got two new players, which is very positive for us, and I also saw that several players are unable to start two games in three days, which will be crucial in the upcoming qualifying," he said.

The game also had a political tinge.

Prior to the game the Argentine team posed on the pitch with a banner "Las Malvinas son Argentinas" ('The Falklands are Argentinian).

Some Slovenia fans meanwhile displayed a Slovenian flag with a blue eagle, an emblem of the Domobranci militia that allied with the Nazis in WWII to fight against Communist-led partisan resistance.

Argentina is home to a sizeable Slovenian community, many of whom are descendants of Domobranci who fled the country in the aftermath of the war.


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