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Janša Receives Summons to Prison


Janša has been found guilty of accepting a promise of a bribe in the 2006 contract for the supply armoured vehicles with Finnish company Patria, when he served as Slovenia's prime minister.

The summons comes after the conviction became final in April. Unless he reports at Dob on the given date, an order is to be issued for him to be brought in forcibly at his costs, the summons says.

Janša could ask for a deferment of the execution of the prison sentence for excusable reasons.

He has recently said though that he will not ask for alternative sentence nor for a deferral because he has no intention of asking anything from anybody in connection to "this unjust verdict".

The Constitutional Court is expected to deliberate on Janša's petition against the sentence on Wednesday.

The verdict against him and two co-defendants was pronounced by the Ljubljana Local Court in June 2013 and upheld by the Higher Court in late April this year.


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