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Asylum, refugees, hope: the Festival of Migrant Film


Raising awareness for migration and the problems that surround this topic and its protagonists is the aim of the 9-day film festival, an issue that also affects us in daily life and with which we are confronted - but too often decide to look away. The Festival of Migrant Film, happening in the days before the international Refugee Day on June, 20th, takes a different path and brings the stories of migrants, refugees and their families to life.

Organized by the Slovenian Philanthropy and Zavod Voluntariat, the festival is dedicated to all the people who are forced to leave their home and seek protection and an opportunity for a decent life outside of their home countries. The list of participating and competing films is long and very diverse: documentaries, fictional films and short movies from every corner of the world.

But is is not all about movies on the Festival of Migrant Film, a versatile programme of workshops, concerts and discussions will be held during the time of the festival. Venues around Ljubljana are: Kindvor Cinema, the Slovenian Cinematheque, Metelkova, Kino Šiška and many more. So it's actually hard to escape the festival, better just give it a go and visit the event!


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