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Kanin Ski Resort Assets to Be Auctioned Off in July



The assets will be sold in a Dutch auction, with the seller lowering the price by EUR 10,000 until a bidder comes forward. Bidders will have to pay a 5% safety deposit or produce an irrevocable bank guarantee to take part.

The auction will be open to both Slovenian and foreign individuals and companies, and the buyer will become the full owner of the assets once the entire price is paid.

Several investors are reportedly interested in the assets of the operator of the slopes at Kanin, Slovenia's highest ski resort, which include real estate in the nearby Bovec and Čezsoča and various equipment.

It is not known what will happen to the assets in the ownership of Hypo Leasing, which includes the gondola lift at Kanin and the restaurant at the top of the ski resort.

ATC Kanin was dealt a big blow by a gondola malfunction for the better part of the 2012/2013 season. The ski centre had to close after two empty cable cars plunged to the ground due to a freak accident which Kanin officials blamed on gusts of wind.

The ski centre has never been completed and has been in financial troubles ever since it was opened 40 years ago. The ski centre needs to be refurbished and upgraded with an investment estimated at EUR 10m.


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