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DeSUS Betting on New Markets, Infrastructure


Erjavec said that welfare state cannot be maintained without economic growth and new jobs, which is why DeSUS is focusing its economic programme on support for exports and openness to new markets, including Russia, Turkey and Central Asia.

It is also of key importance to modernise strategic infrastructure, such as the seaport of Koper and railways, which could be attractive to foreign investors. Slovenia should take advantage of its strategic position, Erjavec said as DeSUS is gearing up for the 13 July general election.

The party is against the privatisation of strategic companies, such as port operator Luka Koper and operators of hydro power stations, and wants to retain a controlling stake in telco Telekom Slovenije, insurer Zavarovalnica Triglav and bank NLB.

Companies that bring no profit and other banks (including NKBM, Abanka and Gorenjska banka) would meanwhile be sold to an owner who could secure development and new jobs, Erjavec said.

According to DeSUS, Slovenia should also utilise its potential in service industries, primarily in tourism and insurance, where there is plenty of room for improvement.

The country should also be re-industrialised on the basis of a comprehensive development programme, which would also serve as a foundation for a strategy for management and classification of state-owned assets. Commercial banks should recognise development potential of companies and provide them with funding, DeSUS believes.


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