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FM for Stronger Consular Network to Help Exporters


Speaking at the high-profile event organised by the business newspaper Finance, Erjavec said that Slovenian companies should cooperate more frequently, especially when it comes to their presentation on large markets.

According to him, the next foreign minister will have to secure additional funds for economic advisers, who "could make a huge contribution to establishing connections and opening doors".

Erjavec believes that another problem for Slovenian exporters is visas, which is why the consular network should be strengthened, for example with offices in Istanbul and Kazakhstan. "I believe that economic diplomacy should be developed further, primarily because it is fragmented."

Slovenia has bold plans regarding cooperation with large markets, such as India and China, but its also should be realistic and look for better market niches, according to him.

"Here I primarily mean increasing the exports to the neighbouring Italy and Hungary, and also to countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia," Erjavec explained.

New markets are meanwhile opening to Slovenian exporters, especially in the countries of former Soviet Union which are not as remote, while being familiar with Slovenian products. Erjavec sees opportunities for boosting Slovenian exports there.

According to the minister, one of the roles of diplomacy is to help Slovenian companies get support from local authorities. "One of the tasks of the Slovenian foreign policy is to establish good political relations, which are a basis for good economic cooperation."

Erjavec reiterated that Slovenia is reserved about economic sanctions against Russia over the Ukrainian crisis. "We know well that no economic sanctions solve crises," he said, noting that Slovenia has boosted its trade with Russia significantly in recent years.


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