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President Pahor in Italy for WWI Anniversary


The concert at the site of Italy's largest war memorial in the town of Redipuglia will be dedicated to soldiers killed in the Gorizia area during the First World War.

The concert conducted by Riccardo Muti will feature orchestras from Berlin, Chicago, Trieste, Vienna, France and Sankt Peterburg, who will be joined by students of the Trieste and Udine music schools and other orchestras.

The huge war memorial, built in 1938, contains the remains of almost 40,000 identified soldiers and almost 70,000 unidentified soldiers of the Italian 3rd army who fought in the rough terrain of the Isonzo Front.

On the following day, Italian President Napolitano will visit Slovenia, honouring the invitation by Pahor made during his May trip to Italy. Pahor will greet Napilitano in Europe Square in the border city of Nova Gorica.

At the site of the main national ceremony upon Slovenia's joining the EU in 2004, the pair will symbolically round up Slovenia's first ten years in the EU. The presidents will also meet representatives of the Slovenian minority in Italy as well as members of the Italian one in Slovenia.

As part of the celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of WWI, Pahor and Napolitano will visit the nearby pilgrimage hill of Sveta Gora to lay a wreath at a monument honouring dead Slovenian soldiers. They will also unveil "a bench of peace" to offer visitors a place to remember and reflect on the horrors of war.

The pair will also give a statement to the press.


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