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Wish list of Slovenian voters



1. I don't want to pay higher taxes because the government spends more than it collects in the budget.

2. I don't want to wait for basic medical examinations for two, three or more months or even years, because the health system is acutely disorganised and corrupt.

3. I want clear information about the approximate amount of my pension when I retire.

4. I wish that pupils and students in this country will not pay tuition or school fees to get a proper education.

5. I want to go to the major Slovenian cities, Koper, Nova Gorica, Maribor, Celje, Novo Mesto.... by modern, clean, fast train with standard WiFi connections available and by the way, I wish also that that all cities have standard public WiFi connections.

6. I wish that the capital Ljubljana gets a normal bus and train station with all services of the 21st century.

7. I wish that the Port of Koper will be the leading port of the North Adriatic with up to date infrastructure.

8. I wish that I can fly, directly or with connections, from Ljubljana Airport to all major European and global cities.

9. I wish that all major roads in Slovenia would be in good condition and safe to drive on.

10. I wish that in Slovenia we will continue to breath clean air and drink clear water from the public water supply system.

11. I wish that Slovenia will use its water potential for sustainable development strategies in future years.

12. I wish that in our supermarkets we can buy quality local food.

13. I wish that wood from Slovenia's forest is not cheaply exported to neighbouring countries and we can use it for a modern wood processing industry in Slovenia.

14. I wish that in Slovenia anybody can establish or buy a company if they fulfil all the basic legal conditions and not have to seek political approval.

15. I wish that managers of companies are selected on the basis of their education, skills and experience and not on a friendly or political basis.

16. I wish that Slovenian courts will bring to trial in reasonable time limits, that the whole legal system treats everybody equally irrespective of their financial status, political alliances, religion ...

17. I wish that officials and institutions that promote Slovenia would understand how beautiful the country and people are in this haven on the sunny side of the Alps and that they are able to promote this globally.

And last but not least: I hope that you understand what you must do in the coming years so that voters will be satisfied. If not, I wish that you go away NOW and stay away from politics forever!


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