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Coalition by August, Govt by September


Appearing on the public Radio Slovenija, Cerar said the aim was to form a "good and firm government", which is why the talks will not be rushed.

His party plans to talk with all parties, including the Democrats (SDS), though Cerar has repeatedly ruled out joining forces with the party of Janez Janša.

"Those who deny the foundations of the rule of law cannot be a coalition partner," he noted.

As for other parties, he said their feasibility as coalition partners would have to be assessed on the basis of programmes and the ability to compromise.

If these compromises are beneficial for the country, his party is "open to cooperation with any party".

Cerar also indicated that he was open to a broad range of coalition, noting that his desire was not to have a "single-colour government". "It would be good to have a more rainbow-like government."

Though he refused to talk about any specific names for his cabinet, Cerar said his party would contribute candidates who have never been in government but possess expertise and experience.

Nevertheless, it has no reservations about experienced staff "under the condition that they are untainted and competent."

Asked about the key priorities of his government, Cerar singled out privatisation, fiscal consolidation, and health reform.

But he said his party was not underestimating any other fields.


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