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All Slovenian MEPs Voted for Juncker


Slovenian votes came as no surprise, since they were mostly in line with their respective European parties' stances.

Tanja Fajon (S&D/SD), who has recently become a deputy president of the S&D parliamentary group, stressed that Juncker might "not be a social democrat, but he is an extraordinary politician with a clear vision of Europe."

In addition, the second-term MEP also pointed out that her group intends to thoroughly grill all European commissioner candidates, and would not support a team that would not include enough women.

Similarly, Igor Šoltes (Believe/Greens) said that the "real votes" will only be cast in autumn, when EU commissioners are voted upon.

Otherwise, Šoltes does not expect any "dramatic change" resulting from Juncker's election but hopes nonetheless that the EC president-elect's recent prominent pledges will be included in the new commission's programme.

His opinion was echoed by Ivo Vajgl (Alde/DeSUS), who marked Juncker's address at the EU parliament before the vote "encouraging and original".

The remaining five of Slovenian votes were never doubted, since all five make part of Juncker's conservative European People's Party.

Franc Bogovič (SLS/EPP) labelled the new EC president an "experienced politician" and a "great friend to European countries". "I only hope that the new Slovenian parliament will be as wise as the European one," he added commenting on the vote.

Lojze Peterle (NSi/EPP) greeted the fact that Juncker prioritised community method. "We got a president who looks up to great Europeans, such as Delors, Kohl and Mitterand."

Similarly, Milan Zver (SDS/EPP) expressed belief that Juncker will make a good president of the European Commission "because he is a man of great will to work, of a wealth of experience and of good judgement".

According to him, the EC president-elect will take the European Union back to its former glory and prosperous economic results.

Like her colleagues before her, Patricija Šulin (EPP/SDS) also said that Juncker was "the right person at the right place at the right time", who was capable of tackling the serious challenges that await the EU.

Romana Tomc (SDS/EPP) likewise praised the new EC president: "He stands with both feet on the ground and does not promise the impossible." Moreover, his incredible experience reinforces his credibility, she said.

"He advocates market-oriented economy, continuing structural reforms, industrialisation of the EU and energy independence. At the same time, he realises that the economy needs to serve the people and defends the basic values upon which the EU was built," Tomc concluded.


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