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Bratušek EU Commissioner Candidate?


When asked whether she saw herself in the position of an EU commissioner, Bratušek answered that the question would not be discussed at the summit, neither has she consulted anyone on the matter yet.

At the same time, she stressed that Slovenia needed to nominate a commissioner that would be competent and experienced enough to represent the country well in the European Commission, pointing to regional policy, transport and budget as fields that could be covered very well by a Slovenian commissioner.

The fact remains that a European Commissioner candidate needs to be presented to the European Commission by the end of July, which means the duty still falls under the outgoing government's jurisdiction, added Bratušek, who was reelected to parliament in Sunday's general election.

The comment came after the most likely new PM Miro Cerar urged the outgoing government earlier today to consult his SMC party and other newly elected parties on the matter, although he added he understood that the procedure could not be delayed.

Cerar said that he had no candidates in mind yet but that he would submit his party's suggestions to the outgoing government as soon as his party agrees on potential candidates.

Cerar also said he was bothered by the lack of a formal procedure for nomination, but Bratušek responded it was not possible nor did it make sense to change the legislation two weeks before the country needs to put forward a name.

As regards consultations with the newly elected parties, she said she "had not problems consulting anyone, but the decision is the decision of the government".


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