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GoOpti: new website, more transfers and lower prices


All transfers are carried out in our new and modern vehicles that are regularly cleaned and maintained and driven by skilled drivers who consider safety their number-one priority. Since our launch in 2011, we have opened five offices in Slovenia and one in Croatia, transported 200,000 passengers with a record of 1,054 passengers in a single day. Our transfers are 100% guaranteed and can be easily booked online. We guarantee to never cancel a booked transfer and so you don't need to worry about transport. Plus, the booking is confirmed instantly at purchase.

This summer we have launched our new website, renewed our transfer offer, reduced the prices and expanded the number of OPTI routes with several pick-up and drop-off locations. Our novelties await you at

To get the lowest price:
• Book early (as soon as you book your flight)
• Book as a group - Click the Price options button to obtain a cheaper transfer

NEW WEBSITE: Easier booking and even cheaper transfers

The new GoOpti website,, has a fresh look and a user-friendly booking system which enables you to book a transfer from anywhere to everywhere by simply entering your pick-up/drop-off point or choose from numerous standard GoOpti locations offered in a dropdown menu. If you are a group travelling together, you can customise your pick-up and drop-off locations for each of the passengers and the system will automatically calculate the final price. We have also introduced new pricing algorithms so transfers are now cheaper, even on routes that are not regular GoOpti routes.

A useful novelty for passengers travelling to and from airports is the new flight verification system integrated into the booking process, which verifies if the pickup/drop-off time has been chosen appropriately with regard to the time of your flight, to ensure you arrive on time to the airport.

The new website also allows you to actively manage your transfer orders: view your bookings, review and change your personal data, add baggage and extras (including child seats, surfing or golf equipment), cancel passengersfrom a booking or cancel your transfer by a simple click. The website is compatible with mobile web browsers, so you can order transfers on the go, wherever you are. 

IMPROVED transfer offer to fit your budget and demands

The OPTI transfer is our unique low-cost shared transfer on regular GoOpti routes which combines passengers with similar time requirements to book the same vehicle. It now includes a price reduction feature: a flexibility window, which lets you adjust the transfer price by choosing the option of an earlier or later departure. At the time of booking, the system offers you different transfer options; you select a departure time that corresponds to your time preference and you will receive the exact pick-up time one day before the transfer. The more flexible you are with your departure time, the lower the price, enabling you to easily determine your time preference and reduce the price considerably. Even if you have limited flexibility, you will still pay much less than for a taxi or other private transport.

We also offer FIX transfers for passengers who enjoy sharing the ride but are limited with their travel times. These scheduled transfers allow you to set the exact pickup time when booking so you can plan your journey ahead, while still paying an affordable price. If you wish to pay even less, you can choose an alternative transfer at a slightly different time as offered by our system at the time of booking.

Ideal for business travellers, the VIP transfer is a completely private transfer with our best and newest vehicles, our most experienced and attentive drivers and free bottled water in the vehicle. You can choose the exact pick-up/ drop off time and address at the time of booking and enjoy a direct transfer with maximum comfort. You can also opt for a VIP transfer with the possibility of a full refund in case of cancellation.

For bigger groups and special events, such as weddings, conferences or team building, GoOpti offers customised transfers, completely adapted to your wishes and needs. You can set the course of the journey, the vehicle type and any special wishes such as food and drinks or a tourist guide.

GoOpti expands to Croatia

We continue to extend our services beyond the Slovenian borders by opening new offices and introducing new connections with airports and towns abroad. In May, we opened an office in Zagreb, run by Panturist d.d., part of the Arriva transport company owned by the transport giant, Deutsche Bahn AG. You can now obtain affordable transfers from Zagreb, Pula, Split, Zadar and Plitvice Lakes to Trieste, Venice, Genoa, Savona, Budapest and Ljubljana as well as direct transport from Munich and Milan to Zagreb and Split. Next season, we will also open new routes between Slovenia and popular Croatian tourist destinations which will suit those travellers who spend their vacations on the sunny Dalmatian or Istrian coasts. If you need safe and direct transportation that fits your wallet and takes you anywhere you want, GoOpti is the way to go! The only question you need to answer is "Where to?

GoOpti facts

24/7: We offer transfers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. You can book our transfers anytime and anywhere and if you have any questions, our call centre staff are always ready to assist.

On Time: We always arrive 15 minutes early to the first pick up location of the journey so as to make sure you we leave on time and you arrive in time at your destination.

Fits Your Budget: We offer different transfer options to fit every budget AND you can lower the transfer price considerably if you are flexible with your departure time.

GoOpti - 94% customer satisfaction - 200,000 passengers transported - Our record: 1,054 passengers in a day
• More than 10,000 passengers each month
• 38 minibuses, 8 cars, 1 bus
• 45 regular OPTI routes
• 270 sales partners
• 6 offices
• 115 employees
• 3 transfer options:
customised transfer


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