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Still No Sign of Climbers Missing in Himalayas


Aleš Holc and Peter Mežnar, both experienced climbers, last reported on 5 July but then failed to return to camp as agreed on 15 July. A search and rescue mission was launched immediately and a Chinese chopper is also included.

The pair took part in international expedition Shaksgam 2014, which set out in mid-June to conquer the lesser known Himalayan peaks Durbin Kangri I (6,824 m), Durbin Kangri II (6,898 m), Barnag Kangri (6,821 m) and Kaimuk Kangri (6,952 m).

Climber Andrej Štremfelj said today there should be enough water because they are near a glacier. "But they are probably running out of food."

"It has been 20 days since they started the ascend. They planned to return in ten days and they had 12-days worth of food rations with them," said Štremfelj, who believes that Holc and Mežnar can survive another week.


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