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First Round of Coalition Talks: Chit Chat Without Substance



While Cerar remains upbeat about the prospects for a broad coalition, the SD is still undecided.

Cerar came out of the talks saying that "everyone realises Slovenia urgently needs a serious, stable government that has to take action" to overcome the crisis.

He would not delve into the details of the talks with the SD beyond labelling them as "constructive", and he acknowledged they were "apprehensive" about joining the coalition.

SD president Dejan Židan said being in the coalition or opposition were "equally acceptable options", but whatever role it takes the party will be constructive.

Židan said the two parties shared the desire to crack down on corruption and strengthen the rule of law, and stabilising the health system.

As for labour rights and economic policies, "further coordination will be required," he said.

Židan said the party would join the coalition "if the key programming points are agreed."

While the meeting with the SD rounded off the first round of talks, Cerar said a fresh round would begin Tuesday "based on more detailed positions".

"After Tuesday we're probably going to have to sit down together and start candid talks about the prospects for a coalition," he said.

Cerar has expressed the wish for a broad coalition, which is understood to mean the SD on the left as well as the Christian democratic New Slovenia (NSi) on the right.

Židan hinted his party would be willing to join a coalition that includes the NSi, but said the ball was in Cerar's court.

"This is an equation that Cerar will try to solve, it will become clear in the coming days how and whether it can be solved."

Cerar likewise acknowledged there were differences in programmes between the prospective coalition partners, but he indicated that everyone will have to accept responsibility for compromise.

"This process is a challenge for those who are leading it...and everyone else. We have to see to what extent all parties are willing to compromise for the benefit of the country."


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