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Janša Can Continue to Attend Parliament Sessions


Janša will have to ask for permission and present adequate proof of his obligations in parliament, on whose basis the Prison Administration will grant him furlough.

When absent from prison, Janša will need to act in accordance with the general regulations, the Prison Administration added.

During a break in today's maiden session, Janša addressed supporters outside of the National Assembly who continue to demand the quashing of his Patria bribery conviction. He urged the crowd to keep up the protests.

Regarding this event, the Prison Administration said everybody is granted freedom of thought and speech by the Constitution, adding that "the convict did not violate any regulations, so there is no basis for taking any measures against him".

The Alliance of Alenka Bratušek (ZaAB) meanwhile requested a session of the parliamentary Credentials and Privileges Commission for next week to continue the debate of the legitimacy of Janša's term.

Jani Möderndorfer of ZaAB told the press that the party also expected an extraordinary session of the National Assembly to be held to discuss or decide about stripping Janša of his MP status.

Möderndorfer added that the party was awaiting the opinion of the legal service of the National Assembly and that its deputies had already met over the issue the leadership of the election winner, the Party of Miro Cerar (SMC), whose MP Mitja Horvat chairs the Credentials and Privileges Commission.


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