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Coalition Talks: Very Slow Progress


More clarity is expected after today's talks about the most problematic issues that have surfaced so far, in particular the positions at the far ends of the political spectrum held by the Social Democrats (SD) and the Christian democratic New Slovenia (NSi).

The STA has learnt that the only unconditional demand by the SD is a clear no to the introduction of a cap on social security contributions, an idea cherished by the NSi as a means of making it cheaper for companies to hire highly qualified staff.

The NSi, on the other hand, has been demanding a clear pro-business agenda, including corporate and personal income tax cuts, and clear covenants about privatisation.

The Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) has made it clear it had one demand only: higher pensions once the economy recovers and a holiday allowance for all pensioners, not just those with the lowest pensions.

The Alenka BratuĊĦek Alliance (ZaAB), like the SMC a party with a vaguely centrist but ill-defined ideological and economic platform, has not publicly expressed its preferences about the new government's agenda.


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