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Debate on Janša's MP Term Suspended


The session dedicated to Janša, who was elected to parliament despite serving a two-year prison sentence due to corruption, was suspended after several hours of debate focused on the question whether he can be stripped of his MP term on the basis of the law.

The debate was prompted by the calls from the left to revoke Janša's MP status based on a provision of the law on MPs which stipulates that MPs lose their job if they are sentenced to more than six months in prison.

The issue was whether the provison can be applied in the case of an MP who had already started serving prison sentence before being elected in parliament.

The parliament's own legal service issued on Thursday an opinion saying that revoking Janša's status could be incompatible with the Constitution since the law speaks only about MPs found guilty of a crime while in parliament, not elected convicts.

This was also the main argument of the SDS deputies, who maintained at the session that a decision to terminate Janša's MP term would stand no chance at the Constitutional Court, and that the will of the people should be respected.

As several members of the commission argued that additional legal opinions should be obtained, commission chair Mitja Horvat of the Party of Miro Cerar (SMC) conducted a vote on the proposal, which was endorsed.

Each deputy group which has its members in the commission will appoint one legal expert to the task force, which is expected to provide its opinion as soon as possible on the possibility of suspending Janša's term. The SDS has no deputies in the commission.

Matjaž Hanžek of the United Left (ZL) proposed that the commission vote on Janša's term at today's session, but was rejected with a vast majority.


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