The Slovenia Times

Youths Have High Expectations of New Government


The draft coalition agreement is a good foundation, but guidelines alone are not enough. "The new government will have to prove it is serious," Youth Council president Tea Jarc told the press in Ljubljana.

One of the demands is that the government establish a youth ministry, which Jarc said was "realistic".

They also insist labour law must bridge the differences between temporary and full-time contracts.

"It is abnormal that the majority of youths work on temporary contracts, which makes it impossible to get a mortgage, become independent and start a family," according to Jarc.

The Youth Council also wants all internships to be paid, subsidies for hiring youths, and a national housing programme with state guarantees for first-time apartment buyers.

The Youth Council voiced its demands on International Youth Day, which is celebrated on 12 August to raise awareness about youths' problems.


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