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Govt: The End for Rainbow Coalition


The decision to go into opposition was made by the party's executive committee in a unanimous vote.

NSi president Ljudmila Novak told the press that the party would also not support Cerar in the prime minister-designate appointment in the National Assembly.

NSi realised that there were no serious conditions to proceed with the talks after scrutinising the most recent version of the draft coalition agreement that was sent to potential partners by the SMC late last night, Novak said.

She added that the executive committee interpreted the most recent draft as a rejection of the NSi's key programme points.

Out of NSi's five main points only two have been partially incorporated into the agreement; the reforms of the labour market and of the pension system, the party boss said.

The committee believes that the SMC has leaned toward the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) and the Social Democrats (SD) whose manifestos are quite different from that of the NSi.

NSi deputy group leader Matej Tonin said earlier today that the document lacked clear commitments and said that the NSi seems to only be a "third option" for the SMC.

The NSi and SMC remain completely divided at least with respect to healthcare, where the SMC is in favour of a monopoly as opposed to giving people a chance to choose, Tonin said.

The most recent draft agreement also threw out the most contentious issue in negotiations, the introduction of a social contributions limit that was strongly advocated by the NSi.


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