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First Austerity Meausure of New Coaltion: More Ministries (?)


The opposition expressed reservation about the motion proposed by the emerging coalition.

Deputies of the emerging coalition explained that the changes, which also envisage the possibility of appointment of up to two more ministers without portfolio, are necessary to secure more effective government work.

A Public Administration Ministry, an area currently falling under the jurisdiction of the Interior Ministry, and an Environment and Spatial Planning Ministry are to be established anew.

The present Agriculture and Environment Ministry is to become the Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Food, while the present Infrastructure and Spatial Planning Ministry will only be the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The minister without portfolio will be responsible for relations between the state and Slovenian communities abroad. The areas of responsibility of the two potential ministers without portfolio have not been determined yet.

Miro Cerar Party (SMC) deputy Lilijana Kozlovič said during the debate that in the current structure of the government, with twelve ministries and one minister without portfolio, ministries are covering too many fields, which resulted in certain field being neglected.

Vinko Gorenak of the Democrats (SDS) meanwhile said that it would be logical if the SMC followed its programme, which promises a lean and transparent administration. In time of economic crisis, the coalition should think about reducing the number of ministries, he added.

The opposition also pointed to the expected higher administrative costs and to the work delays to be caused by the reorganisation.

Franc Trček of the United Left (ZL) was reserved about the changes, expressing opposition to the idea of leaving the door open to two additional ministers without portfolio. This is not in line with the new political culture announced by the coalition, he added.

Jernej Vrtovec of the New Slovenia (NSi) said that increasing the number of ministries is a bad symbolic message to citizens, as this will result in at least EUR 1.5m in additional costs and half a year of idle running at the newly-established ministries.

While expressing a neutral stance on the changes, Jani Möderndorfer of the Alliance of Alenka Bratušek (ZaAB) said that the government act should set clear conditions for ministerial candidates. He announced that the ZaAB will file amendments to this effect soon.


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