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Sovereign Holding with EUR 39M in H1 Financial Revenue


The SSH was incorporated through the transformation of the Slovenian Restitution Fund (SOD) and also manages other state assets as the relevant legislation took effect in April this year.

In the first half of last year, SOD had a total of EUR 27.4m in financial revenues. These derived mainly from dividend payouts, capital gains and interest.

According to a press release from the holding, the SSH had a net profit of EUR 39.65m in the first half of the year, after SOD generated net earnings of EUR 6.6m in the same period last year.

At the end of the half-year, the SSH was a shareholder in 39 companies (ten of these were either in receivership, liquidation or wound-down) and managed 77 corporate state assets, 11 of which were inactive.

The Holding has been involved running procedures related to the sale of 15 companies approved for privatisation by parliament, plus some other assets.

It obtained (EUR 13.8m) from the sale of coatings maker Helios and EUR 3.1m for its stake in pharmaceuticals wholesaler Salus, which did not require an approval from parliament.

Among other things, the SSH had also signed a deal to sell its interest in car electronics company Letrika (EUR 7.6m), but the deadline for the payment is yet to expire.

The EUR 87.9m in payments made out by the SSH in the first six months represented 52% of its obligations for the year; EUR 78.1m was paid out to denationalisation claimants, EUR 8.6m to claimants of confiscated assets and EUR 728,000 to victims of war and post-war violence.


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