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Two Slovenians Conquer Highest Peaks of All European Countries


Their project was concluded this weekend, as the pair, Andreja Tomšič and Jože Drab, climbed Switzerland's Dufourspitze (4.634 meters) on Saturday.

"We have travelled across the entire Europe, through and through. From Iceland to Turkey and from Gibraltar to the Caucasus," Drab said about the adventure.

Apart from conquering the highest peaks, the two enthusiastic mountaineers also climbed some other mountains in the countries they visited.

They also did not miss the opportunity for sightseeing, meeting the locals and learning about local customs and different views of the world.

"We have so many different memories from each of the journey that it is almost impossible to put them all in just one mosaic," Drab said.

The highest peaks the pair climbed are Mt Elbrus (5,642 meters), the highest Turkish mountain Mt Ararat (5,137 meters) and Mont Blanc (4,807 metres), the highest peak of the EU.


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